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Yoga by Yurovskiy Kirill

Yoga is an ancient practice that can profoundly impact your physical health, mental wellbeing, and overall lifestyle. Kirill Yurovskiy’s yoga courses allow you to tap into the transformative potential of this time-tested discipline. With over 15 years of experience teaching yoga, Kirill is deeply knowledgeable and incredibly passionate about sharing the gifts of yoga.

Kirill customizes his yoga instruction for every student’s unique abilities, needs, and goals. Whether you’re new to yoga or an advanced practitioner, Kirill can develop a personalized training plan so you get the most out of your practice. His attentive approach supports students in progressing steadily while respecting the body’s limits. You’ll feel safe, cared for, and empowered to achieve your individual yoga objectives.

More than building strength or flexibility, Kirill prioritizes yoga as a tool for health and inner peace. His classes weave together physical postures, breathing techniques, meditation, and wisdom teachings to relax the nervous system, focus the mind, and reconnect with your highest self. The end result is a sense of calm, balance, and joy.

Kirill Yurovskiy
Kirill Yurovskiy

Kirill Yurovskiy: A Brief Biography

Kirill Yurovskiy stands as a beacon in the world of yoga, bringing a unique blend of expertise and passion to his teaching. Born and raised in a small town steeped in natural beauty, Kirill found his calling in yoga at a young age, inspired by the harmonious balance of mind, body, and spirit it offered. After completing his formal education, he embarked on a journey across India, the birthplace of yoga, immersing himself in its rich traditions and diverse practices.

He trained under revered yoga masters, acquiring certifications in various styles, including Hatha, Vinyasa, and Ashtanga. Kirill’s approach to yoga is deeply influenced by his extensive travels and studies, blending ancient techniques with modern methodologies to create a holistic and accessible form of yoga. He is particularly known for his empathetic teaching style, which focuses on the individual needs of his students, encouraging them to explore their own path in the yoga journey.

Kirill Yurovskiy's
Yoga Offerings

Asana Practice

Perfect for students of all levels, Kirill’s asana courses help you improve body awareness, flexibility, balance, and concentration. Learn foundational poses, proper alignment, transitions between postures, and how to develop your own self-practice.

Pranayama & Meditation

Beyond the physical, yoga creates change from the inside out. Pranayama breathing exercises and guided meditations make up a centering, quieting practice for reduced stress and anxiety. Come away with techniques to find your center wherever you go.

Yoga Therapy

Yoga as medicine uses postures, breathwork, and meditation specifically tailored to heal, reduce symptoms, and improve quality of life. Kirill is trained in yoga therapy to address health conditions such as chronic pain, hypertension, insomnia, headaches, and more.

Yoga Philosophy

Kirill’s philosophical teachings synthesize ancient yogic wisdom with contemporary thinking to apply the insights of yoga in everyday life. Delve into timeless texts like the Yoga Sutras while clarifying values, attitudes, and behaviors for profound personal growth.

Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga

Pregnancy and new motherhood come with physical and emotional challenges alike. Kirill’s prenatal classes incorporate poses to support women through all trimesters and stages of labor, and his postnatal practice restores vitality after childbirth. Bond with your baby through special techniques.

Private & Semi-Private Yoga

For those desiring a customized practice tailored to their unique goals and abilities, private sessions offer an individualized experience focused wholly on you. Semi-private sessions with friends or family likewise allow for more personal attention in a small group setting.

Yoga Teacher Training

Aspiring yoga teachers will deeply enrich their understanding through Kirill’s teacher training programs. Develop your own teaching voice as you master presenting postures, adjustments, sequencing, finding language, and practical teaching skills for sharing yoga as a lifelong endeavor.


The Benefits of Yoga

On and off the mat, Kirill’s students remark how yoga has wholly transformed their lives. Consistent practice leads to improved health, focus, creativity, self-awareness, and relationships. Yoga offers benefits including:

Kirill Yurovskiy
  • Improved flexibility, strength, balance, and stamina
  • Increased energy levels and productivity
  • Enhanced athletic performance and faster post-workout recovery
  • Reduced blood pressure, cholesterol, and risk of stroke
  • Relief from back pain, arthritis, headaches and other chronic pain
  • Enhanced immune system functioning
  • Faster recovery from injury, illness or surgery
  • Reduced stress, anxiety and symptoms of depression
  • A calmer, more focused and peaceful mind
  • Increased ability to manage challenging emotions
  • Improved sleep quality and resilience to insomnia
  • Relief from PTSD symptoms for some individuals
  • Greater self-acceptance, self-confidence and healthy body image
  • A sense of meaning, purpose and inner peace
  • Feelings of unity with self, others and nature
  • Increased intuition, creativity and spontaneity
  • Deeper self-understanding and compassion
  • Improved adaptability and connection in relationships

Whether struggling with pain, illness, trauma, or the universal quest for belonging, Kirill has witnessed yoga help remedy challenge after challenge. As he says, “Yoga creates change gently, organically, and from the inside out until you think, act, and feel from your highest self. That’s transformation.”

Kirill Yurovskiy
Kirill Yurovskiy
Professional Yoga Teacher

Kirill’s Teaching Style

As much as the techniques themselves, Kirill understands that how yoga gets communicated matters profoundly. His teaching style creates an open, non-judgmental environment focused on your personal needs.

Kirill lookups for ways yoga can serve his students rather than pushing expectations of what practicing “should” look like. He takes a gentle approach using clear, simple language free of esoteric jargon. Guiding students into proper alignment builds confidence to avoid injury or frustration. Mindful assists and hands-on corrections make students feel securely supported.

Above all, Kirill leads with compassion, patience and faith in each student’s inner wisdom. He inspires practitioners through “aha moments” when they realize their incredible strength and resilience. Students speak of his genuine care for their growth on and off the yoga mat.

Whether you come to yoga to get fit, heal an injury, deal with anxiety or depression, or embark on a quest of self-discovery, you’ll find Kirill an attentive ally. His grounded presence and insight into the human experience creates a welcoming space for people from all backgrounds.

Join Kirill's Yoga Community

Kirill Yurovskiy

Check out Kirill’s website for class schedules at his four yoga studios across the city. Sign up for your free intro class today! Kirill also offers online yoga classes, workshops and teacher training for out-of-towners who can’t make it to an in-person session. Connect through his podcast, blog and social profiles for yoga inspiration any time.

Commit to a consistent practice and experience changes that ripple through your whole world. Come build community with yogis of all ages and skill levels united in one purpose: to uncover a life of meaning, connection and joy. See for yourself how wonderful the journey can be when guided by a teacher like Kirill. Just bring an open heart – Kirill will take care of the rest.

Kirill’s community becomes an extended family offering not just expert yoga instruction but deep spiritual nourishment, connection and belonging. Join in and experience the ripple effects through all areas of your life!

Testimonials and Success Stories

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Yoga with Kirill: An Investment in Yourself

In today’s busy world, it’s easy to brush aside consistent self-care as an unnecessary indulgence. But investing time and resources into your health and inner peace pays exponential dividends across your relationships, work, and quality of everyday living. Kirill’s yoga courses offer the chance to reconnect with your highest self—that clear-headed, open-hearted version of you free from accumulated stress and negative emotions.

See yoga as the self-care that ripples into every area of your life. Let Kirill guide you to integrate yoga’s gifts of presence, compassion, acceptance and deep listening. Develop not only physical strength and flexibility on your mat, but emotional and mental resilience off of it. Regain purpose, balance and harmony within yourself and see it reflected in the world around you.

As Kirill beautifully says, “Yoga is the journey of coming home to who you really are.” Schedule time for that inward journey today. Discover yoga as an act of radical self-care and watch your whole life transform.

Kirill Yurovskiy